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  • Friday ,13 April 2012

America, an enemy of the Copts!

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,13 April 2012

America, an enemy of the Copts!

 * Meetings between US leaders (like: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, etc) and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders were held. Furthermore, David Pierce, a member of the U.S. Congress, has reassured Israel after a meeting with Khairat al-Shater, the presidential candidate of FJP.  Now the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) at the White House, the State Department and the International Monetary Fund are promoting for al-Shater as the next President.

* MB is lying; first it nominated al-Shater and then Mohammed Morsy. Both are too bad, and I am so sad for what’s happening in Egypt now. 
*Al-Shater claimed he went to Qatar to study their economic experiences, while Qatar is a developing country with no experiences. The national income of Qatar comes from oil which is totally different from Egypt and can’t be applied to us. Again, MB is lying.
* Dr. Abdel Sattar al-Melegy, former leader of MB and an ex-member of the guidance office said that al-Shater is not a business man, he only knows how to spend the money of MB which nobody knows where it comes from or how it’s spent. 
* MB has wronged all Egyptians and especially the Copts as they want to destroy and establish an Islamic caliphate according to al-Shater.
* USA pragmatic policy never cared about the rights of Copts as much as it cares for cooperating with the Islamic movements after planning and working to put Egypt in their hands. USA has put pressure on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces using the economical aids to support the “Arab Spring” and the Islamists in the region that the political Islam leaders may support it and improve its image all over the Arab countries.
* This strong alliance between the United States and political Islam will turn into absolute enmity once any of them achieves its goals. The US administration forgot in a stupid way that the biggest ideological enemy of America is the political Islam! While the Republican Mormon Willard Mitt Romney is approaching the white house, MB and their international organizations should search for other allies in case radical changes occur in the US policies.
* The 14th bombing of the gas pipeline of El-Arish (the rate is one bombing per month!) has led to an Israeli statement that Sinai is no longer safe since January 25, 2011, and Israel must react to face this serious threat to its borders, and it did spread armored vehicles along the border.
* Shall we wait for a great surprise from the Egyptian armed forces for the Egyptians in the next few days?
* Why the United States is so attractive to the leaders of political Islam, as well as Abu Ismail’s mother to seek its citizenship?
After MB announced al-Shater to be nominated for the presidency, an important US delegation has arrived to Egypt headed by MP David Dreyer, MP Gerald Connolly and MP David Brice. They had a long meeting with Khairat al-Shater to make sure he is committed to Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel as well as the free trade agreement between Egypt and United States, and they did.
They also made sure that al-Shater will be committed to Human rights, women’s empowerment and the respect of law. They also met with Field Marshal Mohamed Husain Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.
This visit made a big surprise as the website of the Israeli Army announced that MB candidate for the presidency has told Israel and the United States that if he wins the presidential race, he will keep Camp David Accords and peace treaty between Egypt and Israel during his meeting with Democratic and Republican members of US Congress.
In response, the White House for the first time in its history, received last week a delegation of MB members comprised of Abdul Mawgoud al-Dardiri, Hussein al-Kazaz and Khalid al-Kazaz. MB made sure that the delegation included a woman and the woman was Sondos Mohammed Asem. They had a meeting with senior officials of the US National Security Council to promote al-Shater and his platform. They had afterwards a meeting with William Burns and Jeffrey Feltman, assistant Secretaries of U.S. State.
In these meetings, MB members tried hard to assure for the United States that MB and FJP won’t hold any referendum about treaties or international agreements as they respect such treaties and agreements, including Camp David, free trade agreement between Egypt and the United States, and the QIZ agreement between Egypt and Israel. So, they have also visited the World Bank and the Chamber of Commerce to confirm this commitment.
These entities have expressed their concern about nominating al-Shater for presidency, as he made some statements about holding a referendum about the agreements held by the former regime including Camp David Accords. Congress sent this delegation to meet with MB and they repaid the visit to affirm that al-Shater by these announcements was only launching some false political announcement to distract the Egyptian people!
Here, we should think again about trusting the Egyptian MB who are used to lying since they appeared on the political stage of Egypt, supported by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces for unknown reasons!
We should also ask the US administration: How much dollars did you pay from the pockets of American taxpayers to support MB so far? How many promises, covenants and agreements have you broken with other countries to support MB? You paid much less to support the persecuted Copts of Egypt, even less attention. Have you taken into account the Copts’ rights in their country while holding such agreements with MB? You can’t rely on their promise as this Machiavellian group can lie as much as they want according to their ideology.
After that, no one can claim that Copts are protected and strengthen by other countries against Egypt? How can any reasonable person say so? Political Islamists are the ones who do so with the United States and Gulf countries to receive their political and financial support, even against the Egyptian people!