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  • Friday ,13 April 2012

Salafist Front to join Friday's Tahrir protests


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Friday ,13 April 2012

Salafist Front to join Friday's Tahrir protests

The Salafist Front has announced plans to participate in mass demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday under the slogan, "the only demand - together against the remnants of the former regime".

Demonstrators will protest perceived attempts by Mubarak-era figures to derail Egypt's revolution and return key elements of the former regime to power.
A statement from the Salafist Front on Wednesday said its decision to take part had been prompted by Egypt's political situation, adding that the outcome of the current stalemate will determine the success or failure of the January 25th Revolution.
The religiously conservative group said it rejected the involvement of presidential candidates associated with the Mubarak regime, such as Omar Sulieman, Amr Moussa, and Ahmed Shafik, "by any means ... whether they [parliament] decide to pass the disenfranchisement law or not."
Egypt's parliament will on Thursday hold a special meeting to discuss the potential law, which would prohibit major figures in ex-president Hosni Mubarak's regime from standing in presidential elections.
Friday's planned protest was called by the Muslim Brotherhood on its official website on Wednesday. Ikhwanonline.com quoted the organisation's Secretary General Mahmoud Hussein as saying the group would hold a million-man demonstration in Cairo's central intersection with the aim of "protecting the revolution".
Hussein added that Friday's demonstration is only one of several actions in which the Brotherhood plans to take part along with other political groups and movements.