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April 6 Youth Movement calls for million-man protest on 20 April

By-Alamasry Alyouum | 12 April 2012

The April 6 Youth Movement on Tuesday called on all Egyptians citizens, parties and groups to take part in a mass demonstration on 20 April in Tahrir Square and other gathering places around Egypt in protest of "the consecutive crises" and the failing policies of the country's leadership.

"The call for the demonstration comes after three months of a halt of protests. The smear campaigns against all political factions in Egypt continues, while the results of the parliamentary elections in forming the Constituent Assembly were misused. The remnants of the ousted regime and the enemies of the revolution returned and decided to run in the presidential race," a statement by the movement read.
The protest aims at the amendment of Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration, which prevents challenges to rulings by the committee supervising the elections.
The statement denounced the formation of the Constituent Assembly and demanded the People's Assembly abandon differences and restructure the assembly. It also denounced opening the door for doubts regarding results of the presidential election.
The movement demanded all political parties and revolutionary presidential candidates abandon their differences and join hands to support the revolution, which it said takes one hit after another.
The statement confirmed April 6’s commitment to the revolution until achieving its goals or attaining martyrdom. It also renewed its commitment to the peaceful spirit of the revolution, and preserving public and private property.
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