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Pope Shenouda as a writer

J.M Fahmy | 26 March 2012

 I do have to interrupt my series of Proudly I am A Copt; as an unexpected event took place last week Pope Shenouda III died; He fought illness more than once, in the States and Germany and last time I saw his weekly teaching was so week and he had to interrupt his broadcast… I felt it was serious and very strong feelings I see him for the last time. Actually it was he apologized from the next session and before the following become due he was not with us any more!

Last Blessings from Above!
I was big enough to know that our prior Pope Kurolos died but too young to know more about him, but had the full experience of the agony to elect a new pope who it would be and I was briefly introduced to Pope Shenouda III as the new pope. Little was known about him then, and the blessings and influence of ex-pope Kurolos was still too strong, his all time say:Leave matters to whom matters are in his hands…Pope Kurolos 6th.  
The Egyptian Ex President clash with the pope and his useless attempts to suggest a new pope was a landmark for Pope Shenouda III who retired in his monastery until God’s hand liberated him to continue his mission in life and the life of lots of people to acknowledge his love and real spiritual guidance, and earned the title not only Father of the Nation but Nations.
Apparently, his best top achievement was after his death unifying Egyptians who respectfully did see him off in a huge unexpected popular assembly! My father you did your mission until after death it’s time now to rest and time for us to remember what he always said: God Exists!! 
Rest In Peace your children gained unity and power with your presence in Gods hands passing on our hopes and giving us strength we will remember you always as the pope who unified Egyptians in a most crucial time of Egypt.
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