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Salafi, have mercy!

Mena Habeeb | 21 March 2012

After the departure of the Pope Shenouda, many hardline Islamists were thinking of making the Copts feel better, so they tried to issue some funny announcements, for instance: Bakkar, media spokesman for al-Nour party said that he hadn’t asked God to have mercy on the Pope; he has only offered his condolences!! On the other hand, Sheik Burhami, Vice-President of the Salafi invitation defended Bakkar saying that a Muslim can offer condolences as long as he doesn’t ask God to have mercy for him!! However they are really funny, thank God he hadn’t appointed any of them for His mercy affairs. Furthermore; I’m sure that Pope Shenouda is now interceding for us that God may have mercy on us, not the opposite!!

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