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Port Said security head and three assistants detained

By-Ahram | 15 March 2012

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Abdel Megeed Mahmoud has ordered the detention of Port Said security officials, including the head of security and his three assistants, in relation to the Port Said stadium disaster.

 Among those who have been detained are the former head of security General Essam Samak, his deputy, General Mahmoud Fathy, and security officials General Bakr Hisham, General Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Colonel Mohamed Saad and General Mohsen Sheta.
The group will be detained for four days pending investigations.
The Port Said tragedy, on 1 February, saw fans of the local El-Masry Club storm the pitch after a match with Cairo based El-Ahly Club. The violence that ensued left at least 74 fans dead. Many Egyptians blamed Port Said's security for failing to protect the fans and safeguard the game.


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