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Girgis Bushra
Girgis Bushra
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Dirout: Breaking into a house of a Christian, two injured by gunshots

Girgis Bushra | 15 March 2012

 Yesterday, a Muslim of Abul-Hadr village, Dirout, Assiut called Salhien Salah Mohammed Murad accompanied by four thugs broke into the house of a Christian man named Hanna Aziz Malek, Human rights activist Izzat Ibrahim Izzat told Copts United.

He said that the culprits beat the man and threw him out of his house, while his wife’s niece, Sameh Zaher Takki Mussad was receiving a shot. Afterwards, they were taken to the public hospital of Dirout for treatment.
However the Police was reported, they have done. I demand the security authorities of Dirout to provide protection to the Christians of the village as they became frightened after many attacks on Christians in the village and stealing a microbus of the church two ago, Izzat added.
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