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Wasat seeks withdrawal of Awa or Abouel Fotouh

By-Almasry alyoum | 13 March 2012

 The Wasat Party has decided to form a committee to convince either Mohamed Selim al-Awa or Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh to withdraw their candidacy for president so one would stand for elections while the other supports him.

The party announced that it made the decision during a meeting Sunday and that it realizes the coming period will require great effort to achieve national progress.
Wasat had earlier announced its support for Awa; however, the party made its current decision following recent political developments including insistence to not amend Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration and bureaucratic methods which could hamper the election.
The party seeks to endorse a presidential hopeful with an Islamic background seeking to establish a civil state.


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