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Inauguration of Mideast Christian

| 12 March 2012

 Dear all,
Hope my message finds you well.

I am very pleased to announce the launching of Mideast Christian News today, which is a dream that we all had for a long time.
Our teams here in the US, Egypt and the Middle East region are working since November 2011 in preparation for this day.
As you may know I have had this endeavor in my heart and mind for the past three years, now this dream became reality.
Coptic and Middle East Christians now have for the first time a professional news agency with a large team of editors and reporters in Egypt and the Middle East.
MCN is in its "infancy", The Arabic interface service is more advanced for the moment than the English service, we seeking to deepen its roots with a team that will be expanding over time.
All the best for you all,
Dr. William Weessa
Please find attached the press release


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