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By-youtube | 29 November 2009

A movie shows Muslims in america protest against a merica and asking Muslims in a merica to be against american policy all over the world . 

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3- Dawa
Jacqueline Hanna Youssef email | 15 August 2010
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It\\\'s not right to exercise Dawa in the street
& this is not even Dawa to Islam, is talking against America
what kind of Americans are they ?
I hope someone reported them , America should keep a eye on them.
God bless America, they help around the world, they give new opportunity to them & they hate America, should be sent back home
2- WTF
Frank95054 email | 15 August 2010
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This man speaking is not even American. Does he have a Green Card, or is he illegally.
1- my view
mohammad ibrar email | 26 April 2010
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donot u think what ur doing is against \\\"hikma\\\"i think u have to start it hidden as it is cleared from the life of the prophet saw plz answar
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