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Hope we can live pacefully together!

By-Dina | 4 September 2011
1.i would agree with some of your demands however if you dont get them all doesnt mean we are not equals.
2. for example removing religion from identification?? Wouldnt u wanna be sure of the religion of the person u are marrying also it wouldnt help as if  i want to know your religion to discriminate against you your name could be enough would you change that too ?it is not about IDs it is about learning to coexist and love each other .
3.ALSO I DONT AGREE TO THE STATEMENT \\\"CENTURIES OF DISCRIMINATION AND PERSECUTION" we lived together for centuries peacefully and when there was suffering Both muslims and copts suffered .for example unjustice in promotions hasnt been an issue for just copts but for all who didnt have connections (muslims and copts).
4.I understand wanting to join the police  and the military and i respect this honourable request.However, are you willing to join el Azhar university and study islamic subjects??? I, as a thanwya amma muslim graduate, cannot join el azhar?do you wanna be exempted from these subjects in  el azhar? would it be fair for other students studying tons of subjects??
5.throughot my years of study i didnt see anything including denigrating references to Christians and fact we studied coptic history in prep school .check social studies book!!<br />
6.a demand from me:please dont get the west involved into this ,we are not enemies and they wont be your loyal allies.they will look for their interests wherever they are.
7.One more thing please update this!!!
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