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Presence of Virgin Mary

By-Youtube | 20 December 2009

This video shows the Presence of Virgin Mary in saint Mary church in el-waraak in Giza Governorate in Egypt.

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5- Praise God.
amira email | 24 April 2010
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Hallellya,Praise your sweet name,Jesus Christ as you are glarified in your saints(mother of all saints)St Mary,the mother of light.
love love love,Maran Atha.
Get ready for the 2nd coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
FADY email | 6 January 2010
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mona elshazly is an announcer for country and she has to do what s beEn dictated to her by the as she has no other options.Mona u need to go into your room ,close the door and think,thinking MONA is one of the things which are not known in the country.u just need to free your mind from the culture and then u will be able to work out your me Mona u have a mind and that s the most important part in your body which is appreciated for different other things in the country.i nivite u from here to think to criticise what u were taught in schools which never taught u to criticize or to think,ofcourse because they don't like u to do that to keep their .THINK MONA,TRUST ME U NOT GOING TO KEEP THIS CHANCE your mind from those silly tradition BAHALILIAN stuff and say to yourself I M NOT A BAHLOL YET I M A HUMAN,HUMAN,HUMAN ,and say this word three times ,don't u feel something Mona when u mention this word,don't u remember something,yassssss thats right u have been created to be a human,the humanity which they have never heared about in the but trust me u are,yeas u are Mona,u r a human and god loves u and virginn mary loves u too , i and all the true egyptians which god freed them from the LOVE U as well.plz mona think and may be one day u fell stifled and take off u the BAHALILIAN gown and get the freedom and become a previously BAHLOL yet no longer.GOD LOVES U and his blessings around u wherever,whenever and whatever u do.
3- om el noor
iraqia email | 28 December 2009
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yes iam sure about the Presence MARY VIRGIN.She came to tell us hers son will coming . let us ask the god and his son at forgive our siens
2- thevirgin is the mother of god
marco email | 24 December 2009
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thevirgin is the mother of god
1- millions of moslem and christian watch the Virgin Mary
evelyn email | 23 December 2009
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She is the mother of all people, she will gether us all under her mantle of love.
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