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Obama Admists He Is A Muslim-See and Hear Him!

BY-Youtube | 8 November 2009

This is a video shows Obama while he Admists that he is A Muslim

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4- Praise? Glorify?
Jonathan email | 29 November 2009
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Indeed Obama praises and glorifies Islam. Drawing a conclusion from his statement is another story.

Why doesn't the president praise and glorify christianity? Is he afraid not to be painted as a crusader or simpy put Obama is a kind of American version of Carlos Menem? I don't know. I have just posed questions for thinking.

/All of American conservatives and democrats are afraid to defend Christians in the World. They would rather appraoch the issue of oppression from the side of concern for HUMAN RIGHTS that say SOLIDARITY WITH FELLOW CHRISTIANS elsewhere in the world. When I say conservatives and democrats I mean politicians with real power../

3- Glorification of religion not a good way.
J email | 13 November 2009
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Fady: To quench a fire Obama don't need to glorify a religion as he has done. Anyway, this far I have not heard him saying "I am a muslim". But I wonder don't Obama glorify Christianity and Christians for all good things Christianity brought us?
2- This is propaganda.
Benjamin email | 13 November 2009
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This is an attempt to spread hate and misanthropy through poorly pieced together cuts of video, as the individual who commented before me pointed out. I am saddened that you would rather attack others and spread the same destructive hatred that radical groups do now, and if you want my opinion, you are just another breed of dissenter and hatemonger. You are an enemy of peace and good fellowship amongst all groups and nations.
1- i don't think so
fady email | 10 November 2009
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u just took parts out of conversations and speeches,put them, together and built a new video showing obama is a muslim.what do u want Obama to do,declare war on islam,i 'd like to tell u something u never heard "work smart not hard" obama tries to quench the fire which the previous administration arose it,he work in secrecy but to know that he work against the islam is gonna make more blodshed.i hope u understood something,thanks
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