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By-Joseph Banoub | 6 March 2011
Dear Hany Grace, Besides loosing your time writing inane comments as you did,
Please, remember that the USA has given Egypt lots of Aids in the form of food ration, medications long time before you were born.
Now, don’t blame the plastic bullets made in the USA, you should be grateful to Bush and Obama, otherwise, my young friend you would have been shoot by real Russian Bullets. Please spare us with your young comments and grow up.
Mubarak did not get rich on the plastic bullets.
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1- About Mubarak And Obama
The Crusader email | 7 March 2011
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As of Mubarak, the USA give him Aid in Billions to be spent on Military Arms, and also they gave him aid for Egypt for civil spending, however mubarak took all the civil fundings for himself; In his BELLY. Bottom line took it for himself. As of Obama, his ideaology is same as the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a man who can not be trusted.
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