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A Message To The White House

Hany Grace | 13 February 2011
To all my American friends please don't take this personally 
I respect all American people & I have many friends of them
After I'd been shot by a plastic bullets at Al Tahrir Square on the night of 28 Jan, Which written on it ( 12 GA MADE IN U.S.A. )
I've always respected president Obama. But I realized that the Administration of P. Obama only cares about it's benefits they never cared about Egyptians or democracy in Egypt. Only cared about their benefits.
That was very clear from the jumbled statements came out from the white house, until now they are not clear whether they are supporting ( the dictator ) Mubarak and his corrupted regime or not. whether they are supporting Egyptian people and their seeking to democracy and a new pure life or not.
U.S.A's Administration only cares about it's benefits and they've never cared about Egyptians or even Human Rights in Egypt. Only their Benefits and self-interests.
Your American Aids of 2 Billion dollars a year doesn't go to Egyptian people it goes to the corrupted regime of Mubarak. 
you maintain Mubarak with your u.s dollars to repress and kill innocent Egyptians. 
I want to send P.Obama and his Administration a message: 
Obama get your ugly nose out of Egypt, you only cares about your self-interests you've never cared about Egyptian people. I don't accept your ugly interfere in our affairs. Egyptians about to make a new Egypt and a new History. 
Egyptians will create their new democratic regime and new coming president 
Stay away from our Egyptian affairs.
Hany N.Grace
P:S : I want to thank all my American friends and all American people who support Egyptian people and pray for us and for Egypt. Thank you my American friends for your support and prayers.
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2- to Joseph Banoub
Hany Grace email | 11 September 2012
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Dear Joseph Banoub,

Don\\\'t be sentimental my friend, all I mentioned is FACTS. are you happy now after what happened in Egypt and what USA brought to Egypt after the revolution ?! are you satisfied now after Obama brought the Muslim-Brotherhood to rule Egypt ?!
Actually my dear friend you must admit the one of major benefits to the United States that Egyptians live in mess and violation so all the resources of Egypt ; such as Water, manpower , Suez canal , & all natural resources , all of it goes to the benefits of USA and all her allies.

Thanks for your interest anyway reading my whole essay.
Hany Grace
1- Answer to your comments
Joseph Banoub email | 4 March 2011
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Dear Hany Grace,

Besides loosing your time writing inane comments as you did,
Please, remember that the USA has given Egypt lots of Aids in the form of food ration, medications long time before you were born.
Now, don’t blame the plastic bullets made in the USA, you should be grateful to Bush and Obama, otherwise, my young friend you would have been shoot by real Russian Bullets. Please spare us with your young comments and grow up.
Mubarak did not get rich on the plastic bullets.

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