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  • Tuesday ,21 December 2010

High Admin Court accepts engineers' appeal to end syndicate guardianship

By-Essam Fadl- Daily News Egypt

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Tuesday ,21 December 2010

High Admin Court accepts engineers' appeal to end syndicate guardianship

 CAIRO: The High Administrative Court accepted on Monday an appeal put forward by “Engineers against Guardianship” demanding that the head of the judicial committee responsible for syndicate elections implement a recent court ruling that will end the 15-year guardianship over the Engineers’ Syndicate.

Another syndicate member filed a lawsuit to the Administrative Court against the Minister of Irrigation and the syndicate’s financial and administrative affairs officer, demanding that the syndicate’s budget since 1995 — the year that guardianship on the syndicate was imposed — be released.
The Administrative Court will also investigate on Jan. 11 an injunction presented by the Judiciary Guardianship Committee to cancel the court ruling that will end the syndicate guardianship.
Engineers have recently escalated legal efforts to end guardianship over the syndicate, threatening to raise the issue to international organizations.
Several court rulings are expected within the coming period, including a final court ruling by the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) on Jan. 2 regarding the constitutionality of Law 100, which regulates syndicate work. The lawsuit was originally filed by lawyer Essam El-Eslambolly.
El-Eslambolly told Daily News Egypt that if the court issues a ruling to force the head of the Judiciary Guardianship Committee to end the guardianship, the syndicate’s lawyers will file another lawsuit to have the head sentenced to jail for failing to implement court orders.
El-Eslambolly also stated that he expects the SCC will announce Law 100 — a law that first imposed the guardianship — as unconstitutional.
“[Law 100] contradicts many other laws concerning syndicate freedom, allowing the state to interfere in syndicate affairs,” El-Eslambolly stated. “The SCC commissioners report also confirmed that [Law 100] restricts syndicate freedom.”
“We are currently studying the possibility of presenting the issue to the International Labor Organization and the United Nations,” engineer Abdel-Aziz Al-Housiny told Daily News Egypt.
“In the beginning, we were aiming to get a court ruling to end the guardianship,” Al Housiny added. “Now, we are seeking a ruling to execute the first ruling, as we are in an everlasting labyrinth.”