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The 6th anniversary

By-unitedcopts | 24 October 2009

The man who spoke when most people, out of fear fell silent, when the Copts were in desperate need for someone like him to speak out.  Dr Shawky "Fel-Samim" فى الصميم July 92 

The man who spent his time, money, and energy to alert the world to the persecution of Copts till his voice reached the international arena.  

The man who inspired Copts all over the world to stand up for their people in Egypt, and protest against injustice.

He was truly the Father of the Coptic movement in the Diaspora...  

Dr Shawky conducted his mission with total selfdenial, devotion, love and dignity.

 “The Copts are always indebted to him” 
Dr Shawky Karas, departed 24 October 2003, inspiration to all Copts


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