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  • Sunday ,10 October 2010

Disgusting Animals

By-Remon Hanna

Short But Not Sweet


Saturday ,10 January 2009

Disgusting Animals
I am amzed at some of the responses, one clown is asking for the Jizyah and another complaining about the stench of the Christians.  How despicable can you people possibly get? These are dead human beings with loved ones in mourning and you can say nothing but throw your venom.  Its no wonder muslims are hated and despised ll over the free world.  You behave like animals and will continue to get treated like the vicious rabid animals that you are.  For the blood of every Muslim you spill in Egypt the predators and f18s will spill a hundred in Afghanistan.  These are Sayeda and I hope they act the way its appropriate culturally under the circumstances.