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  • Sunday ,19 September 2010

Egyptian journalist's trial resumes Sunday


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Sunday ,19 September 2010

Egyptian journalist's trial resumes Sunday

GIZA (Egypt)-A criminal court Sunday resumes the trial of an editor of an independent Egyptian newspaper accused of inciting the public against a controversial property tax law.

 Wael el-Ebrashi, the chief editor of Sout el-Umma weekly is sued by Minister of Finance Youssef Boutros Ghali for writing a series of articles in his newspaper allegedly urging the public not to heed the new tax law.

     Samar el-Dawi, a reporter for the same newspaper, is standing trial at on the same charges. El Ebrashi has denied the charges and said the motive of his writings was to defend public interests. The trial started last July and was adjourned until September 19 to cross-examine witnesses.

   Egyptian journalists have been pushing for revoking jail terms in publishing cases.