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Alex demo over alleged Coptic convert

By-EG | 5 September 2010

 ALEXANDRIA (Egypt)-Hundreds of angry Muslims Saturday night demonstrated outside a major mosque in the coastal city of Alexandria Saturday night, demanding the Government's interference to release a Christian woman they believe has converted to Islam.

 The worshippers accused the Government and Muslim clerics of collusion in the alleged detention of Camelia Shehata, a wife of a Coptic priest in the Upper Egyptian city of Minya.

  Camelia's disappearance weeks ago triggered Coptic protests in her hometown and Cairo after the rumour went round that she was abducted and forced to convert to Islam. Later, it was found out that she had left her family's house following a heated argument..

     The Muslim protesters claimed that Shehata has converted to Islam, but has been handed over by the authorities to the Church.

  Christians account around 10 million of Egypt's 80 million population.


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1- God Be Bless You
FASIL ALEMU email | 8 September 2010
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Dear Fathers,Mothers,Brothers,Sisters and children of the Copt Orthodox Church ,last time i read a wonderful story about Shehata.It was Gods & Virgin Marys involvement if they refuse this, the Muslims will receive their wage that is to sunk on lake Redsea. So please praise Lord
From Ethiopia
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