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  • Sunday ,05 September 2010

Deja Vu !!


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,05 September 2010

Deja Vu !!

I was in Egypt when Mr. Sadat set up that same meeting in the Mena House Hotel more than 30 years ago, he invited everyone to come including the traitors...sorry I mean the Palestinians and of course the Syrians too....The conference room was set with the name of every country and their flag, at that time I was very proud to have Egypt host such and important meeting to solve the problems in the Middle East and stop the killings of our young men and start building on the great civilization of our grandfathers, I also enjoyed the choice of the location as it was at the foot of the great Pyramids and anyone who was attending this meeting had to look up at our great history and civilization...I also believed that this was a historical moment and history will record these meetings as such. Of course, things did not work the way Sadat and myself hoped.....we , the Egyptian people were surprised to find that the\\\" traitors: did not show up to sit down and negotiate peace, it took me another 20 years to know why not ? They are not able to deal with what peace will bring to the Middle East, this is again the same way their child molester profit did....for the last 1400 years this part of the world did not and will not enjoy peace ever again. Let me predict the out come of these meetings a big fat NOTHING....The reason is Arabs could not handle peace it does not go well with the \\\"make up\\\" personality of muslims all around the world...where ever is a muslim population there is no peace................Deja vu.