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  • Sunday ,22 August 2010

40 Coptic holiday-makers rescued

By-Ashraf Sadek-EG

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Sunday ,22 August 2010

40 Coptic holiday-makers rescued

 CAIRO-A bus carrying more than 40 young Christian holiday-makers has led to dramatic rescue from deep  Nile waters when it plunged into the river on Friday near the Delta Governorate of Dakahliya , police sources said Saturday.


 About 17 young men had to be hospitalised after they sustained wounds when their fell into the waters and sank, the sources added.

    Police and civilian crews worked swiftly to rescue the trapped students, who were on a church-organised trip to the summer resort of Gamassa, after water topped the front part of their bus, they added.

    The crews have managed to push the bus out of the water and release the stranded students, of whom 17 were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

    Last month, about seven Chrisitian girls died when their pleasure boat sank in the Nile river south of Cairo.

     The girls were on a trip along the river near the south Cairo neighbourhood of Tora.

   The boat owner on July 31, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.