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  • Sunday ,15 August 2010

It is time !!


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,15 August 2010

It is time !!
This thug al-badri should have a warrant for his arrest and should be put in prison for all the sick and hate speeches that he makes against Christians and moslims, Since the moslim people are used to hating and killing each other from the time of their child molester profit , then my consern will switch to the Chrsitains and the converts !!! al-badri is doing his profit work against anyone who does not want to follow in this forasken cult that kills people for what they believe !!! This is not the worst of islam the worst part is that these moslims could do this in the 21 st century and get away with it. There are like the Nazis they got away by killing jews for a long time until the world stopped these crimes and punished the people who were responsible for these crimes. The World need to recognise these crimes now as they are happening in Egypt,Somali, Saudi Arabia, Yemen,Pakistan,Iraq, Afganistan and now it is happening in the USA....It is time !!!!