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  • Wednesday ,11 August 2010

Increase of suicide crimes among youth .. raises Egyptians' worries

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Wednesday ,11 August 2010

Increase of suicide crimes among youth .. raises Egyptians' worries

 Cairo – Egypt during the recent years witnessed the widespread of suicide crimes among youth of males and females as well, the matter which raised worries among people, said the Egyptian psychological Dr Khalil Fadil.


 The accident of an Egyptian young man hanging himself with a rope on Kasr el- Nil bridge comes at a time Dr Fadil refers the reason behind such crimes among teenagers to social,  emotional problems as their failure to marry in addition to the inability to achieve success in work domain and problems of unemployment.

     On the other hand, suicide crimes among elders resulted from problems concerning the family or financial ones as to lose money in stock market, Fadil added.

     During the recent few years, a suicide took many different shapes as for men, they prefer to hang themselves, or to jump under the wheels of the metro, or to throw themselves from a high roof or in the Nile, for women it’s a little bit different for they prefer to cut their hands’ veins but at the end they come to the same result.

    Statistic researches say that Egypt witnessed annually about 3 thousands of suicide cases for people less than 40 years old.

    The year 2009 only witnessed 104 thousands of suicide cases, 5 thousands of them succeeded in committing the crime completely.

     The average of committing suicide increase among youth of 20th specially among females who have desire to get rid of their lives quickly.

    Finally, Dr Fadil asked doctors of psychology to take much care in dealing with teenagers suffering from depression when they come searching for treatment, he asked the psychological to follow a civilized way with the patient because the only way to recover is to find out the problem and deal with it in a wise manner.