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  • Sunday ,08 August 2010

Egyptian popular movements hold the government responsible for prices hike

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Sunday ,08 August 2010

Egyptian popular movements hold the government responsible for prices hike

 Cairo – An Egyptian political front called “The Free Country”, held the government responsible for prices hike calling the Egyptians for joining a demonstration next Monday under the motto “We became hungry”.


The demonstration will take place in Cairo and Alexandria  to protest against prices hike of  food commodities. 

    The Front asked the protestors to carry plates and spoons as a means to condemn the government policy which gave up the poor and individuals of limited income. 

    Movements as “Kefaya”, “6 April”, and “Youth  for Justice and Development group” also announced that they will join the demonstration. 

    Kefaya movement coordinator Abdel Halim Kandil said “the movement will join the demonstration to speak out its rejection for the current economic and social conditions”. 

    For his part, Mohammed Abu Shady , the head of Internal Trade Sector said that the reason behind prices hike is the unjustified exploitation of the traders to the increasing demand for food commodities during Ramadan. 

     “Egypt suffers from low productivity in general and the inability to achieve self-sufficiency to most of the commodities a matter that resulted in importing the rest of our needs.” Shady added. 

     “Egypt imports 100% of the capital commodities like machines and factories and 60% of food for high prices that do not suit  the incomes of the Egyptians”, Shady said.    

    Shady went on to say “traders greed is behind prices hike and the government will keep an eye open for them in order to achieve markets’ stability”.