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  • Friday ,03 August 2018

Unless those days were shortened

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Friday ,03 August 2018

Unless those days were shortened

The mysterious death for the chief of Abo Makar Monastery “Bishop Epiphanius” is lead a lot of us ask many question to God not only that but also may be doubt him at this moment.

While a lot of doubts come to my mind and to my heart about why did god allow that to happen? Especially to a person devoted all his life to serve and worship God.

After these doubts and thoughts came to my mind I have immediately remembered this verse from Matthew 24:22 “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened “.

In many times we as a human are weak and always deicide to choose the easiest way to blame others especially God and ask why, why and why?

In conclusion, I don’t have an answer as to why God allowed that to happen, however, I have believe that God’s way is completely different that our ways and his thoughts is completely different than our thoughts. Also at the end if God allowed his Son to die on the cross and let people spit on him so from this angel I don’t think God cares so much about how your body but he cares more about the case of your soul when you died.