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  • Thursday ,12 July 2018

Patients of love


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Thursday ,12 July 2018

Patients of love

In the Parable of the Sower, the farmer went out to sow and did not care about the hard land or the hard hearts. He did not stop at a land where the plants had no root, but sowed his seeds with all generosity. 

The hearts with thorns of Lord s beloved ones injured his hand. He abandoned his glory and came to this land. Indeed, he was overcome by his love till he reached the cross.
On earth there are many people who can be called  patients of love . They are willing to lose money, rights and effort in order to save people. They can t hurt others but offer them all love and tender. This is when love becomes very painful. Therefore, take heed of those who misuse such love.
Those who suffer from love disease have several features and pains of Jesus Christ. People may insult them knowing they wouldn t answer it back and they will forgive the insults. The love patients may even regret such love that they can t get rid of.
May all people have such love and forgiveness that brings peace, joy and reconciliation. The love patients are eager to teach other people about this love. Let they have the steadfast love of the LORD, which never ceases.