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  • Tuesday ,13 March 2018

Amr Ahmed Hussein

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,13 March 2018

Amr Ahmed Hussein

Amr Ahmed Hussein is a newspaper seller who earns little amount of money as sales of newspaper are decreasing all over the world. This man suffers like most of the Egyptian people from the increasing prices in everything, but his didn t allow him to take the big amount of money that he found next to his kiosk.

25.000 LE is the amount of money that he found, which is considered a lot by anyone, but as for this honest man, they were nothing to accept.
Hussein decided to search for the owner of the money, and when he didn t find him, he headed to the nearest police station to report the money and hand it over to the police.
I salute this honest poor man who refused to take the money at the time many rich people would happily accept!