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  • Friday ,12 January 2018

After the feast

Mina M. Azer

Article Of The Day


Friday ,12 January 2018

After the feast

If you read this article, it means that you have survived the potential attacks against Christians at Christmas celebration. The article is written before the Christmas, and I do not know if the terrorists will succeed in attacking some churches or will police be able to prevent such attacks. You may also be a Muslim reader who reads our electronic newspaper. Anyway, I would like to congratulate you on the feast and the survival as well. I would like also to congratulate the police if succeeded and to offer condolences to the victims if they exist.

Dear friends, Egypt is experiencing a critical moment and has to finish all the mega projects and try to survive before another terrorist attack occurs and eliminate our peace and the joy of our achievements. We look at the future with worrisome and at the past with anger. I offer my sincere condolences for the pure Egyptian blood that will be shed as the officials dream to eliminate terrorism with many terrorist institutions supporting your back!
I know that Egyptians are not yet starving, but most of them have received loans or borrowed money to pay for their food. Yet, they don’t see secure future. Moreover, they need health insurance and decent education. This education taught terrorists to hate the others. May God protect you all and happy survival.