• 21:17
  • Friday ,12 January 2018

Question marks in Helwan accident

Hanan Badei Sawiris



Monday ,08 January 2018

Question marks in Helwan accident

One bombing after another mark the successive terrorist attacks against the Copts, especially during the feasts. I didn’t want to write about the recent attack until my friends asked me to do so. However, I have very few comments on the attack in the form of few questions.

Was there clear negligence by security forces? In fact, two policemen were securing the church against a terrorist who was holding a machinegun. They were not prepared or trained to react to such attacks which led them to be among the victims.
Citizens were negative when they ignored his presence though he was holding a machine gun. They may have been afraid to deal with him. Yet, finally a citizen attacked the terrorist from the back and managed to arrest him. People were nicely united as they celebrated the arrest of the terrorist. Another positive man went to the nearest mosque and used its speakers to call for help. This could be the first time that the Egyptians unite in such way against terrorists. This could have happened after the attack of a mosque in Al-Arish when the people realized that terrorism doesn’t differentiate between different religions, race or color. May the Lord protect Egypt and its people forever.