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  • Friday ,12 January 2018

Better life and a new massacre

By-Ashraf Helmy



Monday ,08 January 2018

Better life and a new massacre

Many people have interests in rooting subversive ideas inside the minds of the Copts. Those people incite hatred against the Copts at the time the clergy and the religious leadership propagates the ideas of submissiveness, surrender to oppression, humiliation and taking slaughter as gifts from heaven to the Copts! It is clear that the extremists allied with the state as they are controlling extremist religious discourse and spread it in all kinds of media broadcasting from the heart of Cairo Media Production City! Those extremists are using the hatred and anger inside the youth and turn it against the Copts.

It is not true that the state is fighting those extremists, but the real catastrophe is the participation of the ecclesiastical leadership in the series of the genocide against the Copts by supporting the regime and spreading the thought of surrender, submission and joy in being killed! This is totally contrary to the true Christian thought as Jesus Christ said he came to give the world a better life. This better life is here not in the kingdom of heaven.
We have to resist the corrupt education that sacrifices the people for the ruler! The next victim could be someone dear to you. It could be me or even you! The clergy and members of the Holy Synod prefer to praise the regime under which the Copts are being slain like sheep. They dont want to stop taking in politics even with their people asking them to stop talking.
Their words are full of lying and cheating and their people dont see what they see. I call the clergy and members of the Holy Synod to stay away from politics and concentrate on their spiritual services. I also hope that the people should supervise the financial matters to save the money for the poor. The next time you hear about a new massacre, ask yourself do we really enjoy the best of ages for the Copts!