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  • Friday ,12 January 2018

Good governance and State Control

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,08 January 2018

Good governance and State Control

Any country measures its success by how much control it has on the most aspects of the life starting from the agriculture control to control the rules and laws that could be used in the court. 

Having said that, I can t see any control to the Egyptian government on any of the mess that Egypt live in right now. 

Lately, I had chance to visit one of the villages I get used to visit when I was child, the village that was full of green and plants; I was surprised to see it full of ugly building and cement. 

I was asking my relative was sitting beside me, if they turned I to building like this so how these people live and work. Before any farmer was easy to find his living by cultivating his land and eat from eat and sell whatever left.

What I have mentioned was the most important example I have noticed lately but not the only one, another examples road control, where “ Tuk Tuk” is everywhere, a lot of plants in Egypt irrigated by the sewer water.

Egypt loses its control on all aspects of life and this is not because of the population because china has more than what we has but because we lack of good governance.