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  • Monday ,08 January 2018

Way better than this!

Mena Habeeb

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Monday ,08 January 2018

Way better than this!
It was a nice video report about an Islamic school in the United States to teach the children how to be the Islamic icon in the West. The school manager pointed out that students should learn how to be good representatives of Islam and to teach the west that terrorists know nothing about Islam.
In fact, most of our Muslim friends in Egypt do hate violence, refuse attacks on Coptic Christians, are keen to congratulate them on their feasts and willing to share moments of both joy and grief with them. However, the real problem is the broad base of fanatics that live in simple and rural areas. The majority of them have received low level of education and are struggling with poverty. Those are the main tool of fanaticism in Egypt.
Moderate Muslims and all institutes that care about Islam including Al-Azhar should care about educating those simple people and teach them how to be a good representatives of Islam and that Christian prayers would never hurt their dignity. Dear friends, you are way better than this!