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  • Friday ,15 December 2017

Equal human being

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,15 December 2017

Equal human being

Once again,  the Copts decided to waiver their rights and chose to accept a customary reconciliation session instead of law enforcement in Koum Loufy village where their houses were set on fire.

By doing so, some people said they took an initiative to show love and make peace, but the truth is they did so to protect their children since they are treated as weak minority that police won t be able to protect in case those who are attacked them are held accountable.

23 defendants are now safe and able to attack the Copts again if they will knowing that nobody will punish them. the same story is repeated and the law enforcement in such cases proved against to be a myth.

I don t blame the Copts for giving their rights up as they are targeted for being Christians by some powerful mobs, but there is a long list of people and organizations to be blamed for this including police, religious institutions and even education ministry that don t teach young children that all Egyptians are equal human being!