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  • Thursday ,07 December 2017

‘Al-Khaleya’ film breaks Egyptian cinematic revenue record


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Thursday ,07 December 2017

‘Al-Khaleya’ film breaks Egyptian cinematic revenue record

Al-Khaleya , or  The Cell , starring Ahmed Ezz, set a cinematic record in Egypt by generating LE 53.9 million in 14 weeks since its release.

The previous record, set by  Horoub Edterary  ( A Forced Escape ), starring Ahmed al-Sakka, was established last year, with revenues surpassing LE 53.7 million in 11 weeks, according to Mohamed al-Dafrawy, the movie distribution director.

The plot of  Al-Khaleya   resolves around a special operations officer named Saif, who confronts a terrorist named Marwan.

During the operation, Saif s colleague named Amr is martyred and Saif is injured by a bomb explosion.

Saif cooperates with a police officer, called Saber, to avenge the death of Amr.

Marawan s wife then appears and takes an unexpected role in the events.

Al-Khaleya  is directed by Tarek al-Erian who also directed a previous movie for Ezz called  Welad Rezk  ( Rezk s Sons ).

Ezz and Erian are preparing for a sequel to  Welad Rezk   soon.