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  • Tuesday ,05 December 2017

Do they even think?

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,01 December 2017

Do they even think?

In the past I used to ask myself how the terrorist think. I tried sometime to imagine why they hate Christians and how they feel when they kill other people for just having a different faith. However, this question changed a little after the recent attack against Al-Rawda mosque in Arish in which more than 310 Muslims were killed by Muslim terrorists as they performed their prayers!

I remembered that Pope Shenouda II, former Coptic Pope, used to say those who attack Copts will not stop there and will target Muslims later. This is now clear as terrorists are now attacking mosques just like they attack churches.
Do they even think? This has become my new questions as extremism and terrorism has crossed all the boundaries in the world. Egyptians now realize it won t stop by the Copts and therefore, it should be confronted.