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  • Tuesday ,14 November 2017

Bango, Victory Link cooperate to offer mobile payment service in Egypt




Monday ,13 November 2017

Bango, Victory Link cooperate to offer mobile payment service in Egypt

Bango, the company specialised in mobile payments, has announced that it will expand its operations in Africa by partnering with Victory Link in Egypt.

As a result of this new relationship, stores that use the Bango platform and its merchant partners will be able to spread payments via mobile bills of the three mobile operators in Egypt: Vodafone, Orange, and Etisalat.

There are over 90 million mobile phones linked to the internet in Egypt, all of which are equipped with subscriber identification chips, with 89% of them being prepaid. Android is also the preferred operating system for more than 85% of the mobile user base, according to Stat Counter 2017 data.

This large market is now available to Bango partners to expand mobile payments in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Bango is currently offering a one-click direct mobile payment service in line with local market laws, allowing millions of consumers in Egypt to buy from their favorite application stores and add the cost to their prepaid or postpaid mobile bills. For the first time, Egyptian mobile operators will be able to use direct billing service in app stores through the Bango platform.

“This partnership provides Egyptian consumers with a comprehensive payment method to access the full range of content and services available from the world s leading online merchants, who have standardised their platform through Bango across the world,” said Victoy Link CEO Engy El-Saban.