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  • Friday ,13 October 2017

American school terrorism

By-Abdel Nasser Salama- egyptindependent



Thursday ,12 October 2017

American school terrorism

For the first time in the history of the United States of America, coinciding with the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency, this year there are classes, for students in preparatory and secondary schools, on terrorism and its relationship with Islam and Muslims. This is without mentioning, of course, that this terrorism meant in the classes is a pure American product, like the IS (Islamic State) group, and Qaeda before it, and also without mentioning that the weapons used in most of the terrorism operations, and all the wars around the world, are US made.

These classes also don t mention that the number of people killed by American hands are in the tens of millions, both within the United States — Native Americans and African Americans — or outside of the United States, in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq.
I ll just cite what The New York Times reported few days ago, following the brutal attack in Las Vegas, which killed 60 people and wounded 500. The newspaper reported that the United States witnessed 521 shooting incidents in only 477 days. The newspaper published an editorial on the website with illustrations on shooting incidents, which led to the deaths of dozens inside the United States since June 12, 2016, when a gunman opened fire on a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring dozens.
The New York Times concluded with the Las Vegas incident carried out by a 64-year-old man when he opened fire from an automatic weapon at a concert, from the balcony of his 32-room hotel overlooking the square before committing suicide. The newspaper also revealed data showing that since last June, shooting incidents in the United States have killed 585 people and injured 2,156.
The most surprising thing is what The Independent reported: 1.2 million Americans have been killed by American foreign conflicts in recent history, but the numbers of Americans who have been killed as a result of accidents related to firearms internally are more than victims of US wars since 1968. The newspaper pointed out that more than 1.5 million US citizens have been killed by firearms during the past 49 years, according to official statistics, and away from Islam and Muslims, indicating that these practices are pure American behavior.
The question is: What if our curriculums included official studies documenting the killing of millions of people with American hands and fire in different continents of the world since the discovery of what is known as America, the country that was established less than three hundred years ago?
What if our curriculum included that among the dead were about 112 million Native Americas alone in the most brutal genocide of all time? What if it included that American racism also killed millions of black Africans brought from their countries as slaves in animal cages?
What if our curriculum included calling for the punishment of the United States for its crime against the Japanese people, after using nuclear weapons in the bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulting in the killing of one million citizens in each city?
Trump says it s a  sad day  as he heads to Las Vegas
What if our curriculum included the need to boycott the United States for killing one million people in Afghanistan and the same numbers in Iraq?
By facts, we will discover that the United States is the first terrorism state in the world, both in terms of individual practices that result in daily killings among citizens there, or in the practices of the state resulting in mass killing among Arab and Islamic peoples specifically.
What angered me about this issue is a letter from an Egyptian citizen (who lives in the US) complaining about the change to the American curriculum this year, apparently with direction from Trump himself, is that it has become a must for Muslim students in different levels of study there to listen in the classrooms to this silly and confused speech, and they are not entitled to discuss or object.
These classes didn t take into consideration the impact of this in the future on their psychological side, and the extent to which this may cause a psychological complications with the society to which they totally belong to.
I think what US schools are witnessing this year is terrorism itself. It is an extension of American terrorism at home and abroad, a kind of terrorism that they didn t estimate its consequences, a clear indication that US policy is going in a hostile direction towards the Arab region.
At the same time, the US intervened with the governments of some Arab and Islamic countries to direct the curriculums to serve certain policies, through opening official centers. This confirms that the Arab coma has reached a level difficult to reverse, which requires a wide scale awakening, before we are surprised to see the curriculums of Trump as mandatory in our schools!!