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  • Wednesday ,13 September 2017

Coptic King in Australia

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Wednesday ,13 September 2017

Coptic King in Australia

Copts all over the world and especially in Australia, were so happy to watch the great celebration and opening of the highest Coptic lighthouse outside the Egyptian border (Eporo Tower)  in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, in the presence of His Beatitude Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark See, and his partner in the apostolic service Abba Soriel, bishop of the Melbourne Diocese and his accompanying delegation. 

The celebration was also at tended by  several members of the Parliament of the state of Melbourne, led by the Australian MP of Egyptian origins Peter Khalil and was covered by Egyptian and Australian media. Mrs. Nabila Makram,  Egypt s minister of migration and the Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Khairat to the Australian Federal Capital of Cambra were part of the celebration which proves the Egyptian identity of the tower.
It s known that Egypt means Coptic and the largest Coptic mosaic plate above the entrance of the tower, which is 15 meters high by 2.5 meters, reflects the history of the Copts in Egypt, beginning with the journey of the Holy Family to Egypt, and the martyrs of the Coptic Church through 2000. 
Eporo is a place of proud for all Copts in the world not only from a civilization point of view but also as a spiritual, educational and cultural center. It includes the church of Saint Verena and St. Bishoy, Theolgical Seminary, a conference center, a Coptic library and a service building for the Melbourne Diocese. 
Those who visit the please become eager to learn about the Coptic and Egyptian civilization as well as to visit Egypt. This place is the fruits harvested of the seed that Pope Cyril VI had sowed 50 years ago on the land of the Australian continent in 1969 by setting up the first Coptic church on its land. His Holiness Pope Shenouda III added two dioceses and dozens of churches and monasteries and schools in  Australia to offer better service to the Copts in Australia sponsored by Bishops Suriel, Daniel and Danial. May God bless the Coptic Church under the leadership of Pope Tawadros II.