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  • Wednesday ,13 September 2017

Number of police killed in convoy attack in North Sinai: Interior ministry


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Tuesday ,12 September 2017

Number of police killed in convoy attack in North Sinai: Interior ministry

An attack by militants on a police convoy near Arish city in North Sinai on Monday has killed a number of policemen, the interior ministry has said, while anonymous sources told Al-Ahram Arabic s local correspondent, Hanaa El-Tabarani, that the number of dead has reached 18, with five injured.

According to anonymous security sources quoted by Al-Ahram, militants remotely detonated an IED that destroyed three armoured security vehicles and a vehicle jamming system in a convoy 17km away from Arish. 
Militants also attacked the convoy by driving into it with a car primed to explode, Al-Ahram reported.
The sources added that the ambulances could not reach the injured as militants were ambushing security and medical support.
In a subsequent update on Monday afternoon, Al-Ahram reported that the injured were being evacuated.
The interior ministry has released a short statement saying that "a number of police were killed" in a the convoy attack.
So far no militant group has claimed responsibility of the attack, although many similar attacks have been claimed by Sinai-based Islamist militant group Ansar Beit El-Maqdis.
Islamist militants have killed hundreds of security personnel in similar attacks in North Sinai in the past four years.