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  • Tuesday ,12 September 2017

They should emigrate to Libya

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,12 September 2017

They should emigrate to Libya

To those who gloat over the natural disaster of Hurricane Erema that hits the United States and destroys many houses and the most expensive tourist resorts, they should know that Libya is one of five countries that are not included on the map of world natural disasters. It should be easy for them and their family to travel to Libya and lead a wonderful safe life away from the wrath of God caused in Florida by the infidelity of the Americans!

Let me tell you that many natural disasters have hit Jewish, Christian and Islamic countries, and that has nothing to do with the belief of the majority in these countries. Israel, for instance, was burning  few years ago and there were several floods in the Saudi Arabia, the most sacred Islamic country in the world, in addition to the earthquake in Egypt in 1992, which left behind an unforgettable destruction. Turkey, where the Muslim Brotherhood live and think they are the greatest Muslims on earth, has suffered from several earthquakes.
In Egypt we believe that believers are always trailed and suffered for the sake of purification. However, this important rule is always changed when it comes to other nations like America!
we can t gloat over the suffering of other people even if they misbehave or cut their aid in protest against our disrespect for human rights and target NGO s and civil organizations. In short, disasters made by the people is much more dangerous than natural disasters like Hurricane Irma.