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  • Sunday ,20 June 2010

Let's assume !!


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,20 June 2010

Let's assume !!

Let us, for one minute, believe the Interior Minister is correct and this young man did fail to carry out his military service ! and had a record of convictions !!let us also add that this man is a drug dealer !!! and robbed a number of banks in Egypt!!!! Let us say he is against the regime and he wants Mubarak to quit...what else can we add to the guilt of this young man !!?.....What ever he did, does not give anyone in the police force and the secret police to first of all treat him this way and finally kill him in this brutal and savage way. Not even animals kill this way only if they are hungry...Yes these ugly savage men are hungry for blood, they are hungry to kill, they hungry to distroy the fabric of the Egyptian community, but it will not work, they will be found guilty and go to prison where they will be slaves to their dersires of murder and mayham. My God protect all Egyptains from these animals.