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  • Sunday ,13 June 2010

The Rule of Law


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Sunday ,13 June 2010

The Rule of Law
Is any one surprised about what is happening in the Egyptian court system ? The fact of the matter is that there is' no rule of law in Egypt'. From history, I will give you a story during the Britsh rule in Egypt...This is a story about a few farmers that attacked British soldiers ond one of them was killed...!
The British justice was swift and deadly. The people who were resposible were hanged.....The Egyptian called this cruel , but that fact of the matter is no more soldiers were killed this way again in Egypt. The " rule of law" since 1952 is dead, it is only applied on different people, for different time, for different reasons. The reason why lawyers are hitting judges and prosecuters because they have no respect for the law, themselves, or their country. When a country does not respect the law, the International community will not respect this country...and this is why, Egypt is called a third World country,it is not because of finance but it is due to the lack of respect for the World order. The most civilized country in the World, it the least repected and we wonder why???