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  • Wednesday ,09 June 2010

What can I say ?


Short But Not Sweet


Wednesday ,09 June 2010

What can I say ?
   This is the result of the " Lack of leadership" in Egypt. Since 1952 Egypt had no leaders, except for Sadat, all the so- called leaders were busy trying to make names for themselves and never did care about EGYPT. Nasser was the most over rated man in all the whole World. Egypt is the most unique country in the world, the history,the location, the resources from natural richness or human abilities and smarts. What did Nasser do, we went to unite the Arabs!!, for what but for his name's sake, he forgot that the Egyptain people are what gave him the power to do what he did...united with Syria, fight in Yemen, support Algeria, nationalise everything good about Egypt and the list goes on and on, he then took us to war that he could not win and we all know the results!! Now we have Mubarak, good man,honest man but with NO VISION OR PLAN he too wanted to deal with the World, but forgot about Egypt...nice men do not apply, we need a leader with vision to protect Egypt from the danger around and within. What is happening in Africa  is a result of the lack of recognising the importance of Africa to Egypt and not to the useless Arabs..when did you hear lateley that we are an African country and proud of it !!!! What can I say