• 19:31
  • Friday ,19 May 2017

Education is first

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Friday ,19 May 2017

Education is first

Education in Egypt needs to be amended sooner than later. Sisi always keep asking to renew the religious speech but never mentioned to renew the education method and approaches. 

Education for Egypt should be the first priority not the last one. Sisi started to spent Billions of Egyptian pounds in building the new capital and different projects and forget that to build a new society you have to start with building their brain. 

 With good Education you can change any society not with cement and buildings. Sisi has to pay attention that all developed nations now became developed because they put education as a first in their agenda. 

Improving the quality of Egyptian education is not less important than improving the religious speech, as both are very important to fix what happened to Egyptian minds last century. 
In conclusion, I want to invite Sisi and minister education to put a plan to Egyptian education by 2030, which should include new school systems and new school methods