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  • Friday ,21 April 2017

Fixing our broken mirrors

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,21 April 2017

Fixing our broken mirrors

American actor Morgan Freeman said in his interview at “Scoop with Raya” TV show that he visited Egypt several times, and he remembers the most that many cars didn’t have side mirrors. He may be right as many cars do not have side mirrors in Egypt as part of many other negative sides to poverty and retardation in Egypt which I don’t deny in my developing country.

Here is another interesting thing: Couple of years ago, Freeman was part of an advertising campaign to promote tourism in Egypt and he has visited several monumental places and unique sightseeing that he could not remember about Egypt. He could only remember the broken side mirrors of Cars! However, I don’t blame him for this as we should promote our strength points and touristic places better than this, not only abroad, but also for the tourists who visit our country.
I also remember here that Pope Francis is going to visit Egypt in few days, and we should fix our broken mirrors and find a better way to promote our country as such visit is indeed a great opportunity for Egypt, only if we can use it.