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How Gaza Freedom Flotilla was raided by Israeli commandos

By-RT | 3 June 2010

 Israel has blocked eight ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid and 800 activists and politicians on its way to Gaza by using military force and boarding ships in international waters.

 Reports indicate that at least 9 activists were killed and about 40 injured when Israeli military forces boarded one of the ships and opened fire on its passengers and crew.

The Free Gaza Movement organized the aid flotilla with the hope of sending a message to the world that Israel has no right to starve 1.5 million Palestinians.

The Free Gaza Movement has been left unaware of the status of the prisoners Israel arrested onboard the ships.

“Our attorneys inside of Palestine right now have been trying for two days to get complete access to all of the prisoners that Israel took when they attacked our ships, and not successfully. Today for the first time we got access to about a third of the prisoners but only for about three hours,” said Ramzi Kysia, an activist with the Free Gaza Movement.



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