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  • Tuesday ,30 January 2018

Amira of Luxor and the rule of law

Dr. Magid Ezzat Israel

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Friday ,30 March 2018

Amira of Luxor and the rule of law

In April 2013, the Cathedral of St. Mark in Abbasiya was attacked and 3 Copts were killed and 84 were injured. The perpetrators were likely searching for weapons in the church or Coptic women who have converted into Islam and are still trapped in the church according to many stories spread by fanatics. They were likely searching for a reason to justify their attacks on Christian houses and churches.

Ever since, the fascist regime was collapsing and this attack was a step towards overthrowing the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood.
During the transitional period from July 2013 to June 2014, Copts were subject to many sectarian attacks as a price to pay by the Copts for supporting President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, and they are still supporting him.
Since al-Sisi took power in June 8th, 2014, he has done a good job concerning security and several mega projects. However, the Copts have not taken senior positions in the government. The Cabinet has only one minister and there is not even a Coptic governor or Coptic deputy. Furthermore, there is no university president among the Copts. Students in Minya refused to appoint a Christian principal in their school, just because of her religion and the same happened with the Christen governor in Minya before. Not to mention several sectarian incidents and terrorist attack that targeted the Copts. The state has supported the Copts in many of them and gave houses to the forced displaced Copts from Arish, but let the fanatics manipulate the new churches and prevent the Copts from holding their prayers.
During the conference of Al-Azhar, Holy Quran radio refused to air the speech of Pope Tawadros II on the pretext that the workers are fanatics, according to the head of the radio!
The Coptic Christian student Amira Girgis was forced to cover her head like her Muslim colleagues and this photo was used later to claim she has converted into Islam.
A Muslim man with angry Muslim mobs besieged house of the girl demanding her family to hand over the girl to them claiming the minor girl has got married to a 19 years old Muslim fellow. Later, they attacked police because they tried to prevent them from storming into the house.
We ask the state to enforce the law on all Egyptians without exceptions, and to refuse the customary sessions. Changing the religious discourse and respecting equal citizenship should be supported by the state. Media has to show greater concern to those topics along with education and hard working. Long live Egypt and its great people.