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  • Tuesday ,21 March 2017

Fashion Zone and Hany El-Behairy introduce ultimate luxury


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Monday ,20 March 2017

Fashion Zone and Hany El-Behairy introduce ultimate luxury

Last weekend, the capital was illuminated with elaborate haute couture gowns, courtesy of Hany El-Behairy. The internationally acclaimed designer introduced his new spring/summer 2017 collection in the heart of Porsche Centre Egypt.

After a few successful fashion events Fashion Zone organised yet another glamorous night of haute couture and luxury—powered by Hany El-Behairy and Porsche.
The collection reflected both the designer’s and Porsche’s luxurious appeal and quality. While the designer’s fan base flocked to the centre to check El-Behairy’s latest masterpieces, Porsche also attracted their circle of owners and car lovers through launching the new Panamera car, which went hand in hand with El-Behairy’s spectacular extravaganza.
The new collection sparkled with hand-made embroidery and dazzled with refined details. Furthermore, the SS17 maintained the designer’s signature feminine and Parisian embellishments. That said, the gowns spoke to confident women, who seek dreamy designs and show-stopping silhouettes.
The colour pallet ranged between baby blue, gold, grey, and silver. In addition to that, the silhouettes included the currently popular dress-jumpsuit hybrid seen on many international runways.
The crowd was also illuminated with well-known attendees, including the designer’s loyal fans from the local media, celebrities, social media influencers, and beauty queens.