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  • Thursday ,16 February 2017
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It was a day for love


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Thursday ,16 February 2017

It was a day for love

As we celebrated the valentine’s day we should remember that God is the one who deserves our love. I’m talking here about the holy trinity and all attributes of the loving God for mankind.

People usually show their love by working for the beloved. In fact, love is great as it belongs to heaven. It unites people and makes difference. Let’s rejoice in that day and send our best wishes to our relatives and friends even in heaven.
Love increases by giving. So, let’s give generously, especially for those who have nobody to care for. Let’s offer our love to the needy, street children and the lowly. 
Let’s be faithful to those who taught us and cared for us even once. I call the couples to revive their love remembering that love unites the church in one body. Thus, let’s reconcile and show love that we deserve.
Love honors our life and lifts our souls to God. Let’s love everybody, even those who hate us. To those who criticize me and even hate me I say that God invites me to show them love especially in Valentine’s day.